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Novum Energy Technology Announces
Notice of Allowance For First Patent for Sour-Gas Sweetening Process

Salt Lake City, UT. (January 21, 2011) - Novum Energy Technology ("Novum") today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued a Notice of Allowance for the Patent Application for Sour-gas Sweetening Solutions and Methods.

The inventor of this corrosion inhibiting technology is Dr. Marvin Johnson, National Medal of Technology recipient and creator of over 200 U.S. patents. Dr. Johnson has assigned the Patent Application to Novum and expects the patent to be issued this spring.

"The granting of this first patent recognizes the unique qualities of Dr. Johnson's innovative approach to inhibiting corrosion in processing 'sour' gas," said Steve Davis, President of Novum. "Novum believes this new patent, along with a second patent application, provides a significant breakthrough in solving the serious problem of corrosion in processing and treating sour gas."

This patent makes claims in connection with a technology that provides a simple, more effective solution to eliminate corrosion in hydrocarbon systems. More than 40% of all natural gas is considered sub-quality and requires extensive treatment to remove corrosive sour gases like H2S and CO2.

Novum's formulated solvent mitigates corrosion and associated problems by reducing the rate of the iron redux reaction that forms corrosive anions. It forms a protective coating that prevents iron from entering the processing system. Additionally, it provides a wetting agent for elemental sulfur and metal sulfides that minimizes the formation of foam.

Davis added, "This technology is a game-changer, our new chemical solution fundamentally changes the cost structure and throughput potential of midstream energy assets."

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